PERFECT POSE Virtual Newborn Workshop

This is a series of videos and worksheets offered as a complete newborn workshop that you can watch and study at your own pace. All videos can be downloaded and will be yours to keep. You will learn everything I teach in my in-person mentoring classes (and more!) so you can improve your sessions and your work immediately. Filmed from my point of view with a GoPro camera so you can easily follow along. All content and posing videos are current as of 2019.

Learn to achieve these poses from my perspective as if you’re doing it yourself!

Learn to achieve these poses from my perspective as if you’re doing it yourself!

  • Studio organization, posing surfaces & setup (also get a tour of my studio)

  • Parent prep guide and and setting up/preparing for sessions

  • Lighting & angles, camera angles & settings, getting white balance right in-camera and in LR

  • Beanbag posing flow and transitions, various types of wrapping, and prop posing

  • Family posing - baby with Mom, baby with dad, baby with siblings, and family posed together

  • Posing guide and lighting guide

  • Posing twins

  • Using posing beans and stuffing, and tips to get your poses looking perfect and effortless

  • Session styling, getting variety and finding your own unique photography style

  • Editing in Lightroom & Photoshop, and using my custom newborn actions (actions included- $40 value)

  • Types of business models and choosing the best one for you

  • Cost of Doing Business calculator to ensure you’re charging enough to make the salary you deserve!

  • Helpful business worksheets (marketing plan, goal tracker, cost of goods worksheet and more)

  • Choosing the right type of shooting space (in-home studio, commercial studio)

  • Facebook group for Q&A and ongoing support

  • And more!

  • Only $450 CAN (plus tax if you’re in Canada)

  • Past attendees of my workshops and 1:1 classes only pay half price (ask me for discount code)

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Online workshops and videos are an excellent alternative to an in-person workshop or mentoring class because you can save yourself a lot of valuable time and money. And the best part is, you can watch them as often as you like! There’s no need to travel or be away from your kids. Improve your sessions immediately and learn to get your poses perfect!



Fill out this calculator and it will tell you what it’s costing you to run your business (it’s more than you think!). It will also tell you exactly what you need to be charging to reach your income goals. Are you spending too much time editing, including too many digitals, not charging enough? You will know! This calculator also includes a sample package generator and a reverse calculator that will tell you if you’re on or off track. This is the most in-depth CODB calculator out there. If you’ve never run your numbers (or even if you have), you need this worksheet.

*Included in virtual workshop