PERFECT POSE Virtual Newborn Workshop Coming Soon!

This will be a series of videos and worksheets offered as a complete newborn workshop that you can watch and study at your own pace. All videos can be downloaded and will be yours to keep. You will learn everything I teach in my in-person mentoring classes (and more!) so you can improve your sessions and your work immediately. Filmed from my point of view so you can easily follow along. Captions included in English.

The pre-release sale will start on Saturday, Jan 26 (see below for details on the sale!) and all content will be delivered on March 1, 2019. All content and posing videos will be current as of 2019 (the previous videos below are from 2017 and will no longer be offered after my new content is released). Some videos will be available to order individually as well.

Learn to achieve these poses from my perspective!

Learn to achieve these poses from my perspective!

  • Studio organization, posing surfaces & setup

  • Parent prep and session prep

  • Lighting & angles, camera angles & settings, and getting white balance right in-camera

  • Beanbag posing flow and transitions (8 naked poses), wrapping, and prop posing

  • Family posing - baby with Mom, baby with dad, baby with siblings, and family posed together

  • Posing twins!

  • Using posing beans and stuffing, and tips to get your poses looking perfect and effortless

  • Session styling, getting variety, shopping for props and finding your own unique photography style

  • Editing in Lightroom & Photoshop, and using my custom newborn actions (actions included- $50 value)

  • Types of business models and choosing the best one for you

  • CODB calculator and other helpful business worksheets

  • Pricing structures and making profit

  • Choosing the right type of shooting space (in-home studio, commercial studio or in-home)

  • Facebook group for Q&A and ongoing support

  • And more!

  • Only $450 CAN (plus tax if you’re in Canada)

  • Past mentees and workshop attendees only pay half price!

Pre-Release Sale starts on Saturday, Jan 26 at 9am MT!

Orders placed between Jan 30 & Feb 28 will receive $25 off

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Online workshops and videos are an excellent alternative to an in-person workshop or mentoring class because you can save yourself a lot of valuable time and money. And the best part is, you can watch them as often as you like! There’s no need to travel or be away from your kids. Improve your sessions immediately and learn to get your poses perfect!



Fill out this calculator and it will tell you what it’s costing you to run your business (it’s more than you think!). It will also tell you exactly what you need to be charging to reach your income goals. Are you spending too much time editing, including too many digitals, not charging enough? You will know! This calculator also includes a sample package generator and a reverse calculator that will tell you if you’re on or off track. This is the most in-depth CODB calculator out there. If you’ve never run your numbers (or even if you have), you need this worksheet.

*Included in virtual workshop



Do the colors in your photos look off? Not really sure what to do about it? Or maybe you’re just not getting consistent results. This PDF includes easy step-by-step instructions to set your custom white balance to get accurate results either in-studio or outdoors.

*Included in virtual workshop


PERFECT WRAP - Wrapping Video $50

After purchase, the link to download the video will be emailed.

Are you new to newborn photography? Or are you struggling with wrapping and posing difficult babies? Wondering how you can get different looks with your wraps? Are you just starting to build your prop collection and working with minimal items? Not sure which angle to shoot from? Where to put your light? PERFECT WRAP wrapping video will show you different wrapping techniques and getting variety with your wrapped poses so you can complete an entire session with a wrapped baby if necessary. You'll even learn to pose wrapped babies with parents and siblings. Watch me wrap, pose, and photograph different babies (even twins!) from my perspective so you can easily follow along.


PERFECT FLOW - Beanbag Posing Video $150

After purchase, the link to download the video will be emailed.

If you're having a tough time perfecting your poses or developing a smooth posing flow, this video is for you! Stop wondering which pose to do next, or how to move baby without disturbing him! You'll see where I put my light and where I stand when I shoot. PERFECT FLOW beanbag video will show you what to do, what order to do it in, and when to change the backdrop! Watch me pose a difficult baby through the 8 naked poses I do for every session, and complete seamless transitions. The entire video is filmed from my perspective so it's easy to follow along.