Choosing a newborn photographer is a very important decision. You’ll only have a short time to create the perfect memories of your baby before the newborn phase is over. I've answered some common questions below. I hope it helps!

Why is it so important to photograph newborns in the first 2 weeks of birth?

Brand new babies are especially sleepy and curly, which makes posing and photographing them much easier. They are still used to being in the womb. After the first few weeks, they start to become more alert and less flexible which makes posing more challenging. 

If my baby is older than 2 weeks, can I still book a newborn session?

Of course! There is no set number of days in which a newborn will be cease to be cooperative. There's also no guarantee that a younger newborn will cooperate either. I say that under 2 weeks is best because that's when we have the best chance of cooperation and sleepiness.

How far in advance should I book my session? Do you take last-minute bookings?

I suggest booking as soon as possible after you decide that I'm the perfect photographer for you (especially if your baby is due in the summer or early fall). I take a limited number of clients monthly so once those have been scheduled, I remove all other openings from my calendar for that month. You are welcome to check my booking calendar and/or inquire about last-minute openings. It’s always possible!

How do I book a session?

The process is super simple. Visit my Booking Calendar and choose your due date or a date that is close to it. This is a tentative placeholder for now and we can confirm a session date once baby arrives. I just need your details/e-signature on the agreement and online retainer payment, and we're all set.

What happens if my baby is born earlier or later than my due date?

Newborns almost never arrive on their actual due date, so this is not an issue. Your session will be scheduled on a tentative date until baby is born. When booking through my scheduling calendar, just choose your due date or a date that is close. Then just let me know as soon as possible after birth and I can move your session if necessary, or you can reschedule yourself on my calendar. I take a limited number of clients per month to ensure I will always have availability to accommodate a session reschedule. Ideally, baby should be between 4-14 days on the date of the session. 

Why are newborn sessions so long?

Newborns can be unpredictable. My sessions are long and relaxed to ensure we have enough time for feedings, diaper changes, soothing, and photographing. It’s important to me that I provide you with the very best portraits possible, as your baby will only remain a newborn for a short time. I choose not to sacrifice quality by rushing.

How will my session be styled?

My newborn photography style can be described as classic and simple with lots of neutral and muted colors. Accessories are soft and delicate so as not to overwhelm baby, and to avoid looking dated down the road. Prop use is kept to a minimum. Do you have color preferences? Let me know when you book and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I'll coordinate items and set them out so you can look at them before we get started. If you’ve viewed my galleries and like the simple styling you see, I'm sure you'll be thrilled!

What happens if my baby doesn't cooperate?

After many years of experience posing and photographing newborns, I’m confident in my ability to deliver a beautifully styled and perfectly posed session. But sometimes newborns just don't cooperate. And occasionally there’s not a lot we can do, except to wrap (and sometimes that doesn't even work). The most important thing to me is delivering photos my clients are thrilled with. If I'm unable to achieve what I’d be happy to deliver, I'll automatically invite you to come back for a complimentary reshoot or extend your current session. 

Can you edit my baby’s jaundice/redness/flakes, etc?

Yes! Flakes and skin imperfections can be easily corrected during the editing process. I ask you to please not put any lotion or oil on baby prior to the session as that can make the skin shiny (which can be difficult to edit).

How long will it take to receive my final edited images?

For digital images, it's usually an average turnaround of about 2 weeks.


Do you have other questions I haven't answered? Please feel free to contact me and ask!