Preparing for your newborn session


This is meant to be a helpful list, not a strict set of rules. These suggestions will help your session go as smoothly as possible.


1. If you're nursing, try to avoid spicy food and caffeine for at least 24 hours prior to your session as it can affect baby. Some babies are sensitive to lactose and soy so if you can stay away from those as well, I definitely recommend it.

2. Try to keep baby up for 1-2 hours prior to the session if possible so s/he will sleep better for posing. Awake babies can be very difficult to photograph unless wrapped. And we want to see all those tiny fingers, toes and wrinkly skin!

3. If you live quite close to the studio (10-15 mins), please give baby a full feeding before leaving the house. If you are far from the studio, try to time it so baby can have a full feeding upon arrival at the studio. We will have lots of time!

4. Give a diaper change right before you leave the house. A loose fitting diaper will help prevent skin creasing and redness. Dress baby in clothing that can be buttoned or zipped to avoid pulling a tight neckline over the head in case s/he is sleeping when you arrive.

5. Bring extra formula or milk if you bottle feed. You may be surprised how much your baby will eat during a session. Even if you nurse, but are okay with baby taking a bottle, please bring one just in case. It can be helpful if I'm able to feed baby during the session.

6. Don't forget the pacifier. I use them for all my sessions. Not every baby will take one but it can help a lot, even if only used for a few seconds. If used, it will be removed immediately once baby calms. I do have some on hand just in case.

7. Feel free to bring a book, kobo reader, tablet, laptop or anything else you may want to do or catch up on. You are welcome to watch movies in my parent lounge too. If you'd like to bring food or take a nap during the session, that's fine too. I have a full coffee/tea bar so you won't need to worry about stopping for coffee on the way! I even have decaf :)

8. My studio is quite warm in order to help the babies stay sleepy. I'll have a heater going through the session so be sure to dress in layers if you tend to get hot.

9. Consider trimming baby's nails if they are raggedy. You may also be tempted to put lotion, cream or oil on baby's skin if s/he has flakes but please do not do this! I can easily edit flakes but shiny skin doesn't photograph well and it can be very time consuming to edit.

10. If you've booked a newborn family session with sibling posing, it's best if children only attend while they are being photographed. It can be difficult for many children to be patient for the duration of an entire newborn session. Sibling posing is done in the first or last hour of the session.

11. For parent, sibling or family shots: I recommend wearing (or bringing) solid colored, neutral items that coordinate with each other, but don't match exactly. I recommend not wearing all black as it can overwhelm newborns with fair skin. If you want, bring a few options (one long sleeve, one short sleeve, one tank, etc) and try to avoid collars, prints, logos and bright colors. The simpler, the better. We want the focus to be on baby and the family, not the clothing. It's always a good idea for parents to bring an extra shirt if you'd like photos of yourselves holding your baby naked. If a sibling wears a skirt or dress, be sure to have something like leggings or tights covering underwear to ensure they won't show. Parents will be photographed from the waist up.

12. For boys who will be circumcised, it's best to either schedule the procedure for after the portrait session, or allow at least 4-5 days between the procedure and the session. If the session takes place too soon after the procedure, the diaper may have to remain on and posing options may be limited.

13. Please try to arrive on time. If you know you will be late, call or text as soon as possible to let me know. If you are late, it may cut into your session time.


If there's anything I've forgotten or something you're unsure of please contact me!