Perfect Pose Newborn Mentoring   


I love teaching. I didn't even realize how much I'd love it until I started to teach. I'm so incredibly fortunate to have been chosen and trusted by so many photographers to help them in their photography journey. I don't just want to show you some stuff and send you on your way. I want you to actually learn and improve. This is why I decided to only offer 1:1 classes in my studio- so you receive the personal attention you need. I dedicate my entire posing class to just posing. You need to do it to learn it. And then you need to do it some more so you don't forget. 

It took me a long time to develop my workflow and consistency with my posing. I'm 100% self-taught and it's taken me 7 1/2 years of professional photography to get to this point. I wasted a lot of time and money just trying to figure stuff out on my own. Time and money that would have been much better spent learning from someone else. Don't do what I did. Hire a mentor. You won't regret it!



1:1 Posing Mentoring in Calgary AB

This hands-on mentoring class has been designed to focus on helping attendees achieve flawless posing, an efficient posing flow, styling, wrapping, prop posing, calming/soothing baby and more! Attendees will have the opportunity to try all the poses on their own and will be able to shoot each pose for their own portfolio use. All classes will take place in my SE Calgary (Alberta) studio. I shoot with a strobe but since the class is posing based, natural light photographers are welcome. Classes are available Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The start time is 9:00am and it will run until approximately 6:00pm, with an hour break for lunch. Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided for all classes.

An optional second day is available where will will go over editing, in-person sales, pricing for profit and other business topics. The editing portion will cover skin tones, composites, LR process, PS process, actions, workflow, etc. You will calculate your CODB (costs of doing business) and we'll analyze your price list to ensure your business will be profitable. We will also cover in-person sales, marketing, portfolio critique, and I will talk about my business model and why it works for me. I'll also help you with setting up your pricing and transitioning to IPS after the class is finished.

Attendees will receive a swag bag full of beautiful props from some amazing vendors including Tiny Tot Prop Shop, Dear Felicity, Charlotte's Web, and more! You will also take home a posing guide and you'll have access to a private online group for continued support after your mentoring class.

A Perfect Pose mentoring class or workshop is best for a professional photographer who already has experience photographing newborns. You should have a full frame DSLR and a good understanding of shooting in manual mode as I won't be teaching camera use. I'm happy to share the settings I use though! I recommend bringing either a 50mm or 35mm prime lens (or both), extra memory cards, batteries/charger and a notebook/pen. It's a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of Photoshop for Day 2. I suggest bringing a laptop so you can follow along and practice. If you are attending Day 2, please bring your price list and if you currently sell products, bring your list of COGs (costs of goods) if you have one.

To register, you must live and work a minimum distance of 300 kms from Calgary AB. The retainer is $600 for the posing class and an $900 for posing and business. The balance is due two weeks before the class. An additional half day for posing is available for $500. For this class, you will run the session and I'll assist where needed. It can be taken at the same time as the mentoring or as a refresher class at a later date.

Posing   $1200 CAN


Parent prep

Session styling

Beanbag posing and workflow

Lighting angles

Shooting angles


Prop posing

Maximizing poses to add variety

Dealing with and photographing difficult babies

Newborn safety

Q & A

Posing & Business   $1800 CAN      


All topics covered in Posing Day


Portfolio critique

Pricing for profit and price list analysis

Calculating cost of doing business/cost of goods


In-person sales

Developing your brand

Finding the right print lab and choosing products to offer

Q & A


Pricing and In-Person Sales  

I offer pricing and in-person sales classes to all photographers, including those located in Calgary. The class can be taken in my Calgary studio, via skype or live video. It's approximately 4-5 hours and will cover pricing for profit, analyzing costs of doing business, choosing products to offer, calculating cost of goods, etc. I will offer feedback and cc on your current pricing and product offerings to make it work better for you and your business. After the class, I'll help you transition to selling in-person, creating your price lists and packages, and whatever else you need assistance with. You will be added to a private online group for continued support.

1 attendee - $600 CAN     |     2 attendees - $550 CAN each     |     3 attendees - $500 CAN each

Posing Workshops  

Full Day workshops will take place in a host studio in another city or province/state. Workshops will have a maximum of 6 attendees (including the host). You will watch me do a full session on the beanbag and one or two props. Then the class will be divided into 2 groups (each with their own baby) to practice what you've learned, while I assist. You can use all photos taken for your portfolio.  All attendees receive a prop swag bag, lunch/snacks/drinks, a posing guide (and worksheets for pricing day), and a private online group for continued support. The $500 retainer is taken at booking. The balance is due one month prior to the class for US workshops, and two weeks prior to the class for Canadian workshops.

Half Day workshops take place in a host studio and will focus on teaching 4 poses. Different poses will be taught at each workshop and will be announced as the class is scheduled. Each class will allow a maximum of 4 attendees and will be scheduled from 9:00am-1:00pm. We will have 2 model babies so attendees can practice on their own. No swag, lunch, or posing guide are provided. You will be added to a private online group for continued support. Full payment is taken at booking.

Pricing/IPS classes may be offered the day following a workshop either in the morning or afternoon and will be approximately 4 hours. You will receive worksheets prior to the class, a private online group, and ongoing support with your changes and transition.

Full Day $1000 CAN     /     Half Day $375 CAN     /     Pricing/IPS $500 CAN



El Paso TX   

July 8 2017 9:00am - FULL DAY

July 9 2017 9:00am - HALF DAY POSING

July 9 2017 2:00pm - HALF DAY PRICING/IPS

Burlington ON

July 29 2017 9:00am - FULL DAY  (guest instructor Azure Photography will teach prop posing)

July 30 2017 9:00am - HALF DAY POSING

July 30 2017 2:00pm - HALF DAY PRICING/IPS


To book a workshop or mentoring class, or to obtain additional information, please contact me here.


"It was an amazing experience to work along side Hailey for my mentoring session! Her passion for newborns truly shows through her work. Her posing workflow is seamless and the details of her poses make each image a million times better (and cuter)! Learning and seeing first hand how to get those little feet and fingers just right makes all the difference! I was struggling with my newborn sessions and was disappointed with my images. My sessions now go much more efficiently and smoothly. I highly recommend Hailey's workshop for Perfect Posing and continued support."  -Amie R.

"Hailey went through her entire IPS process from the initial inquiry through to product delivery, while clearly explaining each stage and providing a step by step reference guide. Not only did she teach her method of IPS, but she also went through my current sales process, and offered suggestions on how to transition into a more profitable sales model. Using what I have learned in her IPS mentoring course, I will not only be able to increase my sales, but I will also be providing my clients with a higher level of service and more positive experience that is customized based on their individual needs. Hailey's IPS mentoring is great for anyone who feels like they are limiting their profits with their current product and package offerings, or who are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and number of clients they need to be profitable."  -Kathryn L.


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