Newborn Mentoring & Workshops

I don't just want to show you some stuff and send you on your way. I want you to actually learn and improve. With a 1:1 class in my studio, you receive the personal attention and practice you need to learn. It took me a long time to develop my workflow and consistency with my posing. I'm 100% self-taught and it's taken me 8 years of professional photography to get to where I am. I wasted a lot of time and money just trying to figure stuff out on my own. Time and money that would have been much better spent learning from someone else. Don't do what I did. Hire a mentor. You won't regret it! Fill out your registration form here.





Perfect Pose 1:1 Mentoring in Calgary AB


Perfect Pose hands-on mentoring has been designed to focus on helping you achieve flawless posing, an efficient posing flow, styling, wrapping, prop posing, calming/soothing, getting variety with difficult babies and more! You'll have the opportunity to watch a full session and then go through all the poses on your own (with my assistance if needed) and you can shoot each pose for your own portfolio. Classes take place in my SE Calgary (Alberta) studio. I shoot with a strobe but since the class is posing based, natural light photographers are welcome. Classes are available any day of the week. The start time is 9:00am and we will be working with the models until approximately 6:00pm, with an hour break for lunch. Then we will spend the final hour on editing and using my Photoshop actions which are included. I recommend you have some knowledge of working in Photoshop prior to the class. Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided for all classes. You'll also take home a swag bag full of beautiful props! I include a posing guide, a discount code for my posing videos, and you'll have access to a private online group.

A Perfect Pose mentoring class is best for a professional photographer who already has some experience photographing newborns. You should have a full frame DSLR and a good understanding of shooting in manual mode as I won't be teaching camera use. I'm happy to share the settings I use though! I recommend bringing either a 50mm or 35mm prime lens (or both), extra memory cards, batteries/charger and a notebook/pen. The retainer is 50% of your class. The balance is due one month prior to your class. Fill out your registration form here

$1600 CAN


"I went to a 2 day 1:1 mentoring program with Hailey. I would highly recommend her as a teacher. She is very talented at what she does and is a world of information within this industry. She gets beautiful results!! She went through her entire process with me from start to end. I learned so much and have a great mentor to refer back to if ever I need! Thanks so much Hailey for a great weekend and sharing your talent with me!"  

-Kara H.


Perfect Practice Posing Refresher

This hands-on posing class is a half day class taken after a 1:1 class. It will give you a bit of extra practice and help solidify what you've learned. You will run the session with a model baby and I'll assist where needed. It can be taken the day after the posing class, or at a later date. I highly recommend taking the refresher! A 50% retainer is taken at booking.

$600 CAN

Sneak Peek Workshop 

Full day workshops take place in a host studio in another province or state, or in my Calgary AB studio for you and a friend (1:2). You will watch me shoot two full sessions including beanbag flow, props, wraps and parent posing (mom & baby), while explaining my steps. Classes start at 9:00am, we'll have an hour for lunch and Q&A, and we'll be finished with the babies at 6:00pm. We'll then spend about an hour going through my editing process in Photoshop and using my action set, which is included. Some knowledge of Photoshop is recommended. Workshops in a host studio will allow 6+ photographers.

1:2 half day workshops will take place in my Calgary studio for you and a friend. The class must be booked together. You will watch me shoot one full session including beanbag flow, props, wraps and parent posing (mom & baby).

1:1 half day workshops take place in my studio. You will watch me shoot one full session including beanbag flow, props, wraps and parent posing (mom & baby).

Attendees don't handle the babies during workshops, except to assist. You can use all photos taken for your portfolio. Attendees of all workshops receive a prop swag bag, lunch/snacks/drinks, Q & A, a posing guide, a discount code for my Photoshop actions (for half day classes) and posing videos, and a private online group. A 50% retainer is taken at booking. The balance is due one month prior to the class for all workshops.

Full Day Workshop $1100 CAN  |  1:2 Half Day $700  |  1:1 Half Day $900


To book a workshop or mentoring class, or to obtain additional information, please contact me here.


"I had a 3 day - 1:1 newborn workshop with Hailey. I'm super thankful to her for sharing her talent with me, for her patience and for all her valuable tips! I learned so much during those 3 days. If you are a newborn photographer and want to take your business to the next level... definitely invest in a workshop with Hailey!"  

-Aileen S.