Here are some answers my most frequently asked questions


Q: Why did you choose to specialize in newborns?

A: After years of shooting almost everything, I eventually realized that newborn photography is where my heart is. I just love everything about brand new babies and the sessions. The challenge of getting a pose just right, their newness and squishiness, the tiny adorable props I get to shop for... I really enjoy my ability to be creative and artistic with newborn sessions. And they can't run away or complain if they don't want their photo taken!

Q: Why do newborns need to be photographed in the first two weeks?

A: That 'newborn' look doesn't last long. There is only a short period of time that newborns remain sleepy, curly and cooperative (although they don't always cooperate!). The newborn poses I create typically can't be achieved on awake babies because they wiggle and squirm, cry, and want to eat! After the first few weeks they become more alert and won't bend as easily making posing more difficult.

Q: Do you travel to clients' homes?

A: All my newborn sessions take place in my SE studio. I have very large equipment that doesn't transport very easily and the tear-downs/set-ups would add too much extra time to an already long session. Working in my own space helps things to run more smoothly and ensures I can do my best work in the best lighting conditions. Plus, I'm allergic to pets. And a lot of people have pets!

Q: Do you offer family portrait sessions?

A: I offer in-studio newborn sessions that can include family posing. I also offer maternity sessions available to newborn clients. Your partner and children may be included in the full session and your partner can be included in the mini session.

Q: Will you post photos of my baby online?

A: I do post images from most sessions online. As a creative professional, it is absolutely necessary for my prospective clients to see the quality of my current work. I frequently post to Facebook, Instagram, my blog, and website. I don't share baby's last name or parents' names. It is part of my booking process to obtain a signed release form for permission to use baby's photos for professional purposes.

Q: Can I bring outfits and props to be photographed?

A: I want my clients to book with me because they love the artwork I create and trust me to produce beautiful portraits for them. I'm always sure to purchase items that are 'just right' for my sessions. These items are a reflection of my own photography style which not only sets me apart from other photographers, but ensures that my clients always know what to expect in regards to session styling and the types of items that are available for use. For these reasons, I ask clients not to bring outfits and props to their sessions. Clients are welcome to discuss the use of an heirloom or sentimental item during our consultation.

Q: Do you charge a session fee for newborn sessions?

A: No. Shooting time is included in the price of your package. All you will pay at the time of booking is a $200 retainer that will be credited back towards your selected package. You may also pre-pay for a full session package to take advantage of my complimentary metal print offer!

Q: What happens at the portrait ordering appointment?

A: This is where you will view a slideshow of the very best images from your session and select your favorites. We can look at all the different options available for printed art and displaying your portraits. I assist with selection (if needed), designing and ordering. This helps to eliminate all the headaches that can come with trying to figure out what and how to print. Your order will be invoiced and paid at the ordering appointment and personally delivered to your door within about 2-4 weeks of ordering.


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