Photoshop Actions   

My PERFECT NEWBORN EDIT© actions were designed specifically for editing challenging newborn skin. Everything you'll need from start to finish is included. Remove redness, jaundice and orange skin; Smooth skin texture and completely remove flakes; Sharpen lips and lashes; Add vignettes; Remove background banding, and more! Everything that I use to complete my newborn edits is included.

My FLAKE REMOVER© will completely remove flakes and smooth rough skin to save you countless hours on your newborn edits. Could there be anything better?! Please note that the Flake Remover action is included in the full set. If you're ordering the set, please do not order the flake remover. Refunds will not be provided.

All actions are compatible with CS and CC versions of Photoshop. Elements 11 has been tested and is compatible. It is unknown at this time if other versions of Elements are compatible. If you are unsure of the compatibility of your version, please do not purchase. Refunds will not be given.


"This flake remover is the best I've ever used! Every newborn photographer needs it!"

-Heidi S.















Perfect Wrap - Wrapping Video

After purchase, the link to download the video will be emailed. 

Are you new to newborn photography? Or are you struggling with wrapping and posing difficult babies? Wondering how you can get different looks with your wraps? Are you just starting to build your prop collection and working with minimal items? Not sure which angle to shoot from? Where to put your light? ...

PERFECT WRAP wrapping video will show you different wrapping techniques and getting variety with your wrapped poses so you can complete an entire session with a wrapped baby if necessary. You'll even learn to pose wrapped babies with parents and siblings. Watch me wrap, pose, and photograph different babies (even twins!) from my perspective.

















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