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August 16, 2017  •  7 Comments

I wrote this both for other photographers and for clients.

I get it. There are a lot of people out there who want digital images. And many photographers like to provide them because they're easy, quick, and they typically don't cost us much (especially if they're delivered via download link). Digital images have their purpose. I also like to provide digitals for all the reasons I listed above. For the first 5 years I was in business, I only offered digitals. No prints or products of any kind. Products intimidated me, and the whole process behind finding the right lab was super overwhelming. Not to mention the extra costs. Once you start offering products, you have to ensure that you're charging enough to cover all those extras. That opens up a whole new can of worms. And the process isn't easy. Or quick. It's scary. And as a client, I know this is even more intimidating because you don't always know where to print, or what size, or the difference between different products or paper types, crop ratios, how to account for bleed lines or which products are actually going to fit with your home and lifestyle. I take care of all of that. At your portrait ordering appointment I will guide you through the process and help you choose products that will work best for your family.



A few years ago I realized that one of two things usually ended up happening when I sent the link to my clients to download their images. These precious portraits that I worked so hard to create for my clients would either end up sitting in a drawer or on a computer for years (or forever), or they would be printed at a low end consumer lab that resulted in awful (and embarrassing) prints, wall art and albums. I don't want this happening. I realize I can't completely stop it from happening, but there are things I can do. There are ways I can provide more. There are ways I can educate more. There are ways I can help more. I can offer a range of beautiful professionally printed products so my clients can actually see how amazing their printed portraits can be. And I can provide something printed to ALL my clients, whether they choose to order a product package or a digital package. Sometimes you really need to see something in person in order to be able to appreciate it. I'm hoping that after seeing my prints and products, you'll set a higher standard for your family's memories and print professionally. I will also mention that I can print digital images you had taken by another photographer as long as you have permission.



Do you want more than just a link? Do you want to see your sweet newborn long after s/he has grown? I want you to. I don't want your newborn baby's portraits trapped on your computer or in a drawer. I want you to be able to show your grown baby and your grandbabies what your little angel looked like as a newborn and for them to see how much they looked like Mommy or Daddy at that age! This 'digital age' is no reason not to print your portraits!

Not sure if want or need products? I invite all clients for a no-obligation studio tour prior to booking. See for yourself what makes working with me so great! See for yourself how stunning your baby will look featured on your walls or coffee table. Contact me today to schedule a studio tour, to book a session, or to inquire about printing digital images you already own. Email me at [email protected] SEE your baby. Print your portraits.

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Love these products!
Hailey Hamilton Photography
Candice YES! It's my newest product. Love them!
CANDICE CASON(non-registered)
Yes!! I love this so much! Are those metal prints?? They look amazing!
Hailey Hamilton Photography
Thanks so much Heather, Kelly and Lisa <3
Heather B(non-registered)
I totally agree, need to work towards this business model! I hate to think of my clients not printing, or getting cheap prints that look awful!
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