Twins Ruby & Wren - Newborn Portrait Session

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April 18, 2016

How gorgeous are these babies?! I can't get over them. So girly and so pretty in pink. I die (in the good way) when I get to use lots of pink in my sessions. If I could, I'd use all pink in every session! Parents of boys wouldn't be too happy about that though...

These girl were the sweetest little things. They weren't even at their due date yet when I got to meet them. They were so tiny and so hungry! They just ate for the whole session. It's surprising that I event got any shots of them! Ruby was pretty calm for most of the session and she loved her little chair. But she didn't seem to be a fan of being wrapped. Wren loved being on her tummy. She was a feisty one but eventually gave in and let me pose her. They both rocked their poses like they had done them a million times. They just loved being posed together. They barely even moved at all. 

This session made me so happy. Definitely one of my favorites to date. These babies' parents are members of TTMAC (Twins, Triplets, and More Association of Calgary). I offer their members a complimentary session for newborn multiples. To learn more or to inquire about booking a complimentary twin session, please contact me at [email protected]


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every single one is perfect! Love them!
Absolutely stunning gallery!!! Your work is amazing :)
So amazing!
Kelly H(non-registered)
Oh so gorgeous!!!
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