Cheydon - Newborn Portrait Session

April 26, 2016  •  11 Comments

April 11, 2016

Sometimes I get those babies in the studio that I could just keep forever. Cheydon was one of those babies. He came to me at 2 weeks old and so sleepy, he was a photographer's dream. His skin was perfect and he rocked every pose I attempted with him and didn't even cry about it. His dad's favorite color is green and it couldn't be more fitting for Cheydon. He looked absolutely adorable in the mossy tone. I'm in love with this session. Most parents prefer other colors to green so I was super excited to use some items I don't normally use in my sessions. And it was my first time using my new posing pod!

Wondering how I get some of these shots? It takes a lot of practice! Some of these images are composite shots. That means that two different shots have been taken while someone holds the baby in place for safety. Then, the hands are removed in Photoshop. If the pose looks unsafe or impossible for baby to do on his/her own, chances are it's a composite. Please, never put a baby's safety at risk. Always learn how to properly a pose baby if you are unsure and always have a spotter. I don't use an assistant so I will have Mom or Dad spot for me when attempting more difficult poses.


Every day I wake up and I still can't believe I get to cuddle adorable new babies for a living. I hope you all love these images as much as I do.

H <3



so cute!
Perfections!!! Wonderful images!
Omg these are amazing...that last one kills me❤️❤️
Absolutely precious and so beautiful. Great job!
Kelly H(non-registered)
Love these especially the little chair
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