Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog. I promise it will be full of adorable new babies :) I'm located in the SE community of Highfield in Calgary, AB. If you like my work, please feel free to share my blog posts! If you have any questions or if you'd like to inquire about booking a session, you can email me at [email protected]

Puppy Session

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
My first pet session in my studio was tiny Norah. She was only 4 lbs! I photographed her just like I would a newborn and everything turned out so perfect! Isn't she the cutest? I can't wait to schedule another pet. I'll be offering tiny pet sessions for pets under 10 lbs. For a limited time, while I build my pet portfolio, receive a 30 minute sess...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | El Paso Posing Workshop

May 01, 2017  •  11 Comments
July 8/9, 2017 - EL PASO, TX Posing Workshop NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHERS: Are you looking to improve your posing? Do you need help speeding up your beanbag workflow and transitioning quickly without disturbing baby? Are you having trouble wrapping or maximizing your poses with a difficult baby? You're in luck! I'm heading to El Paso, TX on July 8 for...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | Macy Rae

April 04, 2017  •  9 Comments
February 16, 2017 BEAUTIFUL BABY ALERT! This girl melted my heart. I think she was the most relaxed and sleepy baby I've ever had. Despite her little accident at the beginning of the session (okay, A BIG one that left me with very dirty clothes), this was probably one of my favorite sessions ever. Actually, I got pooped on the very next day by a...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | January Perfect Pose Newborn Mentoring

January 18, 2017  •  5 Comments
January 6 & 7 2017 I had the pleasure of teaching two lovely ladies in my Calgary AB studio on January 6/7! We had four beautiful newborn models to practice posing with. We had three baby girls and one boy. Two of the girls gave us a lot of trouble so it's a good thing we scheduled a few extra babies:) We went through all my usual poses on the...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | River - Newborn Portrait Session

December 10, 2016  •  12 Comments
October 19, 2016 This little 6 day old was as pretty as her name. How perfect is River? It was like she just fell into every pose. It's so great when newborns cooperate so well! And when I get to use lots of pink for their session, it just makes it even better! <3 River's older brother Rylan came for some sibling portraits too. I got one ever-so-...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | Perfect Pose Newborn Mentoring

November 04, 2016  •  5 Comments
I have some super exciting news! I'm now offering newborn posing classes for photographers. Classes will take place in my SE Calgary studio and will start in January 2017. I also have some US workshops planned for spring and summer. Please inquire about dates and locations! This mentoring class has been designed to focus on helping my mentorees ac...
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Calgary AB Newborn Photographer | Addison - Newborn Portrait Session

September 14, 2016  •  16 Comments
August 20, 2016 Addison's mama booked her session with me after the Calgary baby and Tot Show this past April. I waited over 5 months to meet this sweet girl. She was just 7 days old and absolutely perfect. Super sleepy and lots of chub. I'm so happy her mama liked peach because I was dying to use my adorable new peach items. I'll be back at the...
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Calgary AB Newborn Portrait Photographer | Theodore - Newborn Portrait Session

September 10, 2016  •  11 Comments
August 22, 2016 This little cutie Theo was so tiny at 3 1/2 weeks old. He was born a week early so he was still super sleepy and flexible which made him a posing champ! He was so good for the session except when we attempted the wooden box shot. He didn't like that idea very much. But I persisted and eventually he went back to sleep. So worth the...
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Calgary AB Newborn Portrait Photographer | Heath - Newborn Portrait Session

August 25, 2016  •  3 Comments
August 6, 2016 I had the absolute pleasure of photographing 8 day old Heath today. I cannot even accurately describe how much I wanted to keep this boy. He was so cute, so peaceful and full of chub and rolls. I feel so lucky with all the babies I've had lately. So many great little posers. Heath did not disappoint! He was so curly and bendy I was...
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Lily - Newborn Portrait Session

August 17, 2016  •  13 Comments
July 20, 2016 Adorable little Lily arrived a week early and came to see me at 10 days old. She was just perfect. She was such a good sleeper and looked so elegant in every pose. Pink and grey are definitely good colors on her! Her parents and I decided that since she had so much pretty hair, we would show it off by just putting headbands on her. A...
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Ashton - Newborn Portrait Session

May 18, 2016  •  10 Comments
May 6, 2016 This sweet boy was born 5 1/2 weeks early and was such a chunk at 8 lbs! We even photographed him 2 weeks before his due date! I just love big squishy babies. He slept pretty good for us during the session but like most preemies, he was a little touchy. We managed to get some great poses though thankfully:) Ashton's big brother Colton...
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Twins Ruby & Wren - Newborn Portrait Session

May 01, 2016  •  14 Comments
April 18, 2016 How gorgeous are these babies?! I can't get over them. So girly and so pretty in pink. I die (in the good way) when I get to use lots of pink in my sessions. If I could, I'd use all pink in every session! Parents of boys wouldn't be too happy about that though... These girl were the sweetest little things. They weren't even at thei...
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Cheydon - Newborn Portrait Session

April 26, 2016  •  11 Comments
April 11, 2016 Sometimes I get those babies in the studio that I could just keep forever. Cheydon was one of those babies. He came to me at 2 weeks old and so sleepy, he was a photographer's dream. His skin was perfect and he rocked every pose I attempted with him and didn't even cry about it. His dad's favorite color is green and it couldn't be m...
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Twins Ella & Brennan - Newborn Portrait Session

April 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Feb 22, 2016 I love twins! Like SERIOUSLY love them. These two were adorable and so tiny. Ella was a little more laid back at the session. Brennan wasn't the happiest boy (especially at the end), but as long as I get at least one amazing shot of twins together, I'm happy. And we got a pretty amazing one! I love how similar they look and how calm a...
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Archer - Newborn Portrait Session

April 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Feb 15, 2016 Archer is such a handsome little guy and so photogenic! He has older twin brothers and a photographer mom! I think she's pretty lucky;) He was so good for me. He did every single pose I tried with him. He hardly cried at all and slept through the entire session. Archer was a little overdue at birth and came to see me at 8 days old. He...
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